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gumi_mods [userpic]
by gumi_mods (gumi_mods)
at June 9th, 2006 (06:14 pm)

Six Months Later – The Next GAME!

This NEW Rurouni Kenshin Role Playing Game started JULY 7, 2006!
If you are interested in playing, please go to our Himura_Gumi Application Community. Read the rules on the RPG profile page and choose a character that is listed as Available

Copy and paste the Application listed on the user page, complete it with ALL of the information requested and then post it in the Application Community. This is a written role play game and your application is your opportunity to showcase your writing and characterization skills. Please be as complete and specific as possible.

神谷薫 [userpic]
October 9th, 1878--Night--Kamiya Dojo
by 神谷薫 (tanuki_musume)
at January 28th, 2006 (03:26 pm)

current mood: freezing my tush off
current song: "Chase" NAOSTH

"Brrr... it's cold!" These are the first words out of my mouth once we walk back inside, back home. I look back at Kenshin who is fussing with locking the gate, tapping my foot and wishing he would hurry up!

From the looks of things, nobody else is home. I have not seen Yahiko all day and I have not seen Hiko-san in... quite a few days! (Where is he anyway?) It is a little strange coming home to an empty place but it also is pretty nice too sometimes!

"Well... how about I start dinner and you start heating up the bath, ne?" A nice hot meal and bath after such a long day, what more could a newlywed couple girl ask for?

( Clueless hubby entered with permission~ )

オキナ [userpic]
-:|:- 9 Oct. 1878: Afternoon to Early Evening: Oniwabanshu Bookstore -:|:-
by オキナ (okina_oniwaban)
at January 27th, 2006 (03:09 pm)

current mood: busy

Not bad for the bookstore's first day.

Baa-chan is gracious enough to help me around our humble little store. Though there are some actual purchases made, there are people coming in and out, simply perusing what we offer. I give the task of handling the purchases to Baa-chan, while I handle our customers, and ensure their continued patronage.

As the afternoon wear on, I give Baa-chan a break, feeling like she needed it more than I do--despite her protests that she is younger than I am. Heh. You cannot fool this old badger.

It was good timing, when I took over for her. The single customer had left, leaving me alone with our books. I am tempted to take one off from a shelf, make perusals of my own, but my mind is more interested on unraveling the mystery shrouding the note that Misao... procured.

Granted that the Oniwabanshu has retired until recent turn of events forced some of us from the peaceful retirement. And granted that adversaries would surely come out of the surface at any given time, that is to be expected. But the note... it stirs not a single memory from days of old. It frustrates me a little that those simple words doesn't evoke a piece of our rather shady past.

I wish I can speak to Yukyuuzan-san again. We have agreed, after parting at Himura's wedding, to meet at a more convenient time. It is unfortunate I do not know where he resides. Perhaps Takani-sensei can help me with that...

But how will I whet this gnawing curiosity of mine? Something tells me, from deep within my bones, that things will take an interesting turn once we begin delving into the mystery.

I'm thinking of retiring early, and have Baa-chan take over for me here. Our food store is low, and I might need to go out to buy things needed for supper. Perhaps some fried seafood.

Okina exits thread.

Fujita Tokio [userpic]
Oct. 9, 1878 - Sunset to Night: Tokio gets tree-huggy somewhere deep in the woods
by Fujita Tokio (saitou_tokio)
at January 26th, 2006 (09:30 pm)

current mood: relieved

Trees, trees

Still green, despite the encroaching autumn

I am glad.

The sun sets.

shadows, shadows growing longer

It is dark in here but the trees are comforting. Trees, plants...

Tokyo is all dust, suffocating dust, drab and dead

Here, one can dream... and be safe...

I collapse against a thick trunk and slip off into that land of dreams.

(ooc: parking her here for the weekend; she will not wake easily. outfit-wise she's still in "in-between" mode XD, i.e. woman's kimono, men's obi/hair)

Takasugi Shinsaku [userpic]
Oct. 9, 1878 - Evening: Streets
by Takasugi Shinsaku (squidboyno2)
at January 26th, 2006 (09:14 pm)

current mood: pleased

Mmm. I am utterly pleased with myself. I hold my newly bought package in my arms as I walk down the streets. This should be enough to last me a while....

When suddenly, I catch a glimpse of someone familiar*.

... Very familiar.

(Of all the people!)

"Yamazaki, care to explain what the hell is going on with the fucking ninja stalkers?"

Well, I'm not THAT angry over that incident yesterday morning.

But I'd like to know exactly what's going on.

* permission given to spot susu

Yamazaki Susumu [userpic]
Oct.9: The Kite, Evening
by Yamazaki Susumu (ninja_susumu)
at January 26th, 2006 (11:10 pm)
current mood: determined

After leaving the shack, Okita-sensei suggested that we return to his dojo to better attend to Shura's wounds and while that was quite a solid idea, there were other problems with following it through. Such as I too was being followed and neither even knew about it yet. So on top of Shura's problems, I was mixing mine own in here as well.

I gave Okita-sensei some quick response and through the doubtful look he agreed. I could tell that he knew there was another reason and had stored his questions for later use. So the question came up again as we traversed through the forest, where to take the injured woman? I thought of the answer immediately after the question… where better to hide from the criminals and ruffians, than in the place that breeds and gives life to them?

Through the depths of darknessCollapse )

Through my steady work pace, I ask what I am sure was both on mine and Okita-sensei's mind, "Who is after you, Shura-san?"

((Permission to open the Kite & use of Kibagami-san granted by player. Direction of Shura and OKita granted by respective players.))

Oct 9, 1878, Early Evening, the Streets of Tokyo
by eyukishiro (eyukishiro)
at January 26th, 2006 (11:14 am)
Tags: , ,

current mood: pensive

Heading on my way back to the Kite, which should be opening very soon, I have taken a slow pace through Tokyo.
I imagine the city around me to be like a river in high summer, flowing past me, taking the cold away by virtue of sheer motion. All around me are the sounds and smells of countless people and the lives they hold close.
I note that my hearing is continuing to improve; my ears are healing. It won't be long before they will be what they were, or so I hope.
It has been a very peculiar day.
Pensively strolling, I consider the faces who pushed their way into the winter of my afternoon, and the inevitable question arises.
What am I to do?
Decisions have been made. I have resolved what must be with the old man who calls himself my father, at least... and I realize that now, being the Yukishiro myself, that I have family honor to attend to.
Which before, was only justice for my sister.
The riddle continues to torment me like frosty needles.
Is that finished? Can it ever be finished?
Not while the monster lives, the whispers come.
The journal in my pocket is more and more a maze, though it is a maze filled with 'e-chan's voice.
With all the echoes now, I cannot understand what she is trying to tell me.
What more must I do for the old man?
Must I treat the murderer as my brother-in-law, even now?

I realize that I have been losing these questions of honor and duty in business, and I decide for the moment to consider something other.

(Enishi is strolling through Tokyo, en route to the Kite, deep in thought. Encounter him at your own risk.)

sawagejou_chou [userpic]
Oct 9 - 7 pm - Sekihara Tae's house
by sawagejou_chou (sawagejou_chou)
at January 25th, 2006 (11:20 pm)
Tags: , ,

current mood: hungry for your love
current song: Gundam Seed Best

Shit. The Chou is standin’ here in front o’ Sekihara-san’s house, wishin’ he’da had hisself at least one more freakin’ hour! I got all the right ‘gredients ta make Sekihara-san the nicest damn down home Osaka dinner you’d ever wanna see like. Not that I had time ta make the freakin’ meal after poor Sou-chan had his freakin’ meltdown right out on the freakin’ street.

The Perfect Dinner: Sushi, Sake and SexCollapse )

The Chou goes through the freakin’ gate right ‘bout seven. Here’s hopin’ Sekihara-san is ready for a nice dinner at the Chou’s!

sano_sagara [userpic]
Evening to Night, Yoshiwara, Oct. 9, 1878
by sano_sagara (sano_sagara)
at January 25th, 2006 (05:52 pm)

current mood: predatory
current song: Opening Theme from "Rocky"

After leaving the longhouse, I went to Hiro’s place and convinced him to join me in a jaunt to Yoshiwara.

After all, there’s only one way to forget about women—hang out with your buddies, go gambling, and drink large quantities of sake.

Just outside of Yoshiwara, we ran into Kamue, another of our mutual acquaintances. Within minutes, all three of us were in the heart of the pleasure district, at one of best gambling houses around.

I lost all my money in less than an hour.

Not that I cared that much as long as I had enough sake to drink, which wasn’t that much of a problem. Hiro won quite a bit and bought enough for all of us.

After awhile, we got tired of gambling and stumbled back into the street, half-empty sake jugs in each of our hands, looking for something else to entertain ourselves with.

Kamue suggested that we go out try out the new place.

“I am not going to the Kite,” I told him emphatically.

“No, not there!” he replied. “I was at this place last night. Let’s go!”

Hiro and I followed him along the streets, into one of the seedier parts of the district. He led us down an alleyway, in which I could hear a lot of noise. At the end of the alleyway, he stepped through a door. Hiro and I followed him only to have our ears assaulted by a loud, large jeering crowd of men. They were gathered around an open area of the floor in a circle, betting, yelling, and applauding while two men wrestled and beat on each other.

“Wrestling?” I asked Kamue with disdain. “Watching wrestling is boring. I’d rather fight myself, you know?”

I turned to leave, but he stopped me. “No, that’s just it, Sano! You can!” He pointed to the bulkier of the two men who were fighting. “All you have to do is stay in with that guy for three minutes, and you’ll win three yen. Take him down and you’ll win 10 yen. I heard that no one has been able to even stay in with him.”

I look over at the guy and sized him up. Geez, if I could take down Shikijou, I could take this guy.

I shoved the sake bottle at Hiro, took my gi off, and handed it to Kamue.

When the guy in charge asked who was next, I stepped up.

I took my opponent down in less than two minutes.

Then the man in charge offered me his place—I was offered another two yen for any other guy that I took out. He had a deal.


This was the way to make money.

Yamazaki Ayu [userpic]
Evening, October 9: Streets of this city called Tokyo
by Yamazaki Ayu (yamazaki_ayu)
at January 25th, 2006 (12:42 am)
Tags: ,

current mood: rushing

After leaving the home of Yukiko-san, I go to pick up dinner and then make an unscheduled stop at a particular store.

It seems they don't have the seven-shot gun things, so I take what they have, as well as the bag that Kakunoshin-san gave me, and head towards the hanamachi district, hoping when I get home that Shin-san will be there.

With the wind blowing, I clutch the coverlet around my hair and walk quickly, still mindful that there might be people about looking for me or my brother.

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