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The Rurouni Kenshin RPG

Life and Love in the Meiji Era

Kenshingumi of Tokyo
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General Guidelines:

Timeline: The game date will start on September 28, 1878. This places us after Jinchuu but before anyone left Tokyo. Kenshin & Kaoru are back at Kamiya dojo, Aoshi and Misao are staying there, too. Enishi has escaped. Fujita (Saitou) is still stationed in Tokyo. Soujirou is wandering – and I presume will wander into Tokyo! Megumi & Sano have not left town.

Thread Labels: Please be sure to label your entry with the date and time of day: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night. This will keep everyone straight on what “time” we are in. (No going backwards in time.) Example: Sept. 25. - Evening - Going to Buy Tofu.

Entry Integrity: Please do not make changes to entries after they have been posted. Obviously, necessary or desirable corrections are allowed, but please do not change content. (Ex: you post with the wrong character…or in the wrong spot in the thread…feel free to correct, but try not to make any changes to content.)

Thread Continuity and Communication

You cannot go backward in time.

Players are encouraged to consult with each other via emails and IM's regarding thread content, character development, and plotlines. Please enter posts at the bottom of a thread. Most posts should use the "Leave a comment" choice rather than "Reply to this" choice offered on LiveJournal.

Please post at the webpage rather than using your email response feature. Players should consult via email or IM to co-ordinate their responses if necessary. You might also wish to include in your post what your character can see, what other characters are wearing, the time of day, or other points of reference for clarification.

As a courtesy, please notify other characters in your thread if you are unable to post in a timely fashion.

Misc. Accounts: misc_tokyo_ppl and misc_tokyo_pets. These are accounts set up for the players of Kenshin_RPG to use to play various people or pets. These accounts should be used sparingly and only to enhance the game. Players are encouraged to try to use interactions with other players in the game.

Style of Play: The more styles of play we have represented, the more fun and interesting the game will be. Please be Very considerate of other players and their styles. Some of us are very interested in history, some not. Some of us are very interested in traditional couples, some not. Some of us are new players, some not. Be flexible and have more fun.

Frequency of Play: Real Life is more important than any RPG. Please be considerate and do not request players to post more often than their schedule allows. As a general rule, allow a character you are interacting with to respond before you exit a thread, or take it in an entirely new direction. No one should be made to feel “left behind”. If you are going to be gone from the game for a period of two weeks or more, please contact the moderators so we don't send out a search party. (Or feel it necessary to begin to look for a new player for your part.)

Rating: Please keep posting in the LJ game journal himuragumi tasteful and to a PG or R level. Players who wish to take their fun to a higher level are encourage to do it in their individual player journals. If your scene is particularly disturbing, please consider using the livejournal "filter" feature. Contact our technical mod for details.

Entries: Entries should be written in the first person singular as your chosen character. Characters should address their own thoughts and actions. They should avoid directing the thoughts or actions of other characters with assigned Players. Characters may comment on actions/dialogue other players have already placed in game, and may describe actions/dialogue for those characters who are not currently
represented by Players (such as Tae)

    Good Example:

    Yahiko's Entry: I go into the Akebeko and find myself in the kitchen, scrubbing pot after pot. Boy, is Tae mad at me for skipping work yesterday. I think she's going to have me here scrubbing pots all week.

    Kenshin's Entry: I go to the Akebeko and am greeted by Tae-dono. She tells me she will bring me tea, and then informs me that Yahiko is in the kitchen scrubbing pots, when I say I need to see him. I smile when I find him there, and bid him good morning.

    Bad Example:

    Yahiko's Entry: I go into the Akebeko and find myself in the kitchen, scrubbing pot after pot. Boy, is Tae mad at me for skipping work yesterday. I think she's going to have me here scrubbing pots all week.

    Kenshin's Entry: I go to the Akebeko and am greeted by Yahiko, suds covering his face and hands. He looks hopping mad and starts telling me what a horrible boss Tae-dono is. Then he runs out of the Akebeko crying, and dripping soap.

    In the Bad Example, Kenshin has -forced- actions upon Yahiko which may have reprocussions for this character. It also removes the ability for Yahiko to choose his own actions. Maybe he didn't want to say nasty things about Tae. Maybe he didn't want to run out into the street covered in dishsoap. This should be left to Yahiko to decide.

    Exception: A player -may- direct another player's character, or even move that character to another thread, -if- there has been some OOC discussion beforehand. This has been done on occasion if a player is going to be unable to RP for a long while, but does not wish to hamper a scene. In such cases, one of the characters should leave OOC note at the bottom of their entry stating that there has been permission granted.

RPG Goal: Fun - Our goal is Fun. Not historical accuracy. Not adherence to the manga, anime or OVA’s. We all love the RK characters and want them to be as IC as possible – but ultimately that is up to each member to decide for his or her character. For example: Players are not limited to the usual couples or closing plot line of RK in any way.

Questions? Ask the Moderators:

Fujifunmum – fujifunmum1@sbcglobal.net

Taken Characters

Himura Kenshin - himura_ken_san
Kamiya Kaoru - tanuki_musume
Takani Megumi - megumi_dono
Shinomori Aoshi - shinomori_blue
Seta Soujirou - cold_smile
Yamazaki Ayu (PMK) - yamazaki_ayu
Saitou Tokio - saitou_tokio
Saitou Hajime - mibu_ookami
Takasugi Shinsaku (BFTD) - squidboyno2
Sanosuke Sagara - sano_sagara
Honjo Kamatari - kama_okama
Hiko Seijuro - hseijuro
Sawagejou Chou - sawagejou_chou
Yuukyuuzan Anji - aaerdan
Oibore - oyaji
Tae - sekihara_tae
Kido Matsuki (Ikumatsu) - kido_matsuko
Yukishiro Enishi - eyukishiro
Yamazaki Susumu - ninja_susumu
Shura - pirate_shura
Okina - okina_oniwaban
Okita Soji - okita_kun
Takatsuki Toki - toki_san
Makimachi Misao - misao_dono
Mishima Eiji - eijiliveson
Myojin Yahiko - tokyo_samurai

Open Characters

Sanjo Tsubame
Katsu/Tsukioka Tsunan
Yagi Hide
Dr. Gensai
Gensai Suzume
Gensai Ayame
Oniwabanshuu Members: Shiro, Juro, Okon, Omasu
Other Juppongatana Members
Sekihara Sae
Yutaro Junge

Other Minor Characters
Other Characters from the Meiji Era

Application: All people interested in joining this RPG are directed towards our application. Please note that applicants must be at least 16 years old to apply and participate due to the PG/R rating.

Mailing List: All members will be expected to be on the Kenshin_RPG Mailing List so that they may receive important announcements and news about the community.

Code of Conduct: The Code of Conduct and Dispute Resolution outlines how members of the community are expected to behave towards one another, and how differences and disputes will be handled.